Cryptolocker Prevention services

Serving companies in Hopkinsville, KY


The Nature of a Cryptolocker

Malware strains like cryptolockers create serious damage to businesses and government offices. Files stored in a crypto-locked computer have virtually no chance of recovery unless a professional can decrypt the files back into shape. Although the cryptolocker says that you can decrypt your files if you pay the criminals a sum in bitcoin, you can’t trust they will comply and send you the correct keys.

We provide cryptolocker removal support and cryptolocker removal services to companies in the Hopkinsville, KY area. Our team also helps businesses with cryptolocker prevention services to avoid this security disaster from striking your organization.

How Cryptolockers seize your PC

These cryptolockers penetrate your system entry points through email phishing attempts. Emails that contain attachments such as FEDEX, UPS, USPS package receipts (even if you’re not expecting a package) usually go to your email spam folders for a reason. Some people will try to open these emails only to realize the emails do not contain anything that they are expecting. Opening these questionable files slows your computer and unknowingly creates a security loophole for the cryptolocker to access your system.

There are numerous other ways for a  cryptolocker to invade your system, and we can help you prevent those less common routes as well.


At DC Plus, we offer a comprehensive strategy for dealing with cryptolocker removal. Whether it’s the first time your business is dealing with a cryptolocker incident or you have yet to fall victim to a cryptolocker attack our team can provide answers to your questions.

Cryptolocker Prevention

Many will agree: prevention is better than cure. If your business data, documents, and files are necessary for business operations, we recommend enlisting in cryptolocker prevention services. Our team will help strategize and implement preventive measures to avoid a cryptolocker attack.

Cryptolocker Removal

For users that are already infected with cryptolocker, we can help resolve it. There is a special set of tools and techniques necessary to navigate a cryptolocker removal. We use various decryptor software applications for different types of cryptolocker attacks.

We never advise clients to pay a ransom and fuel the operations of these criminals, we work to restore access via strategic routes and applications.

Backups and Restoration

We realize the best security can be breached and it can happen to any business if they aren’t prepared. Our security team can recommend products and procedures to ensure you retain your company data & assets for safekeeping.