Structured Cabling

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DC Plus designs and installs versatile, expandable and cost-effective systems to fit the growing demands of businesses. The foundation we build supports your organization with flexible cabling infrastructures for simple voice, data, video and multimedia setups. By leveraging the schematics of your current network design, our team of engineers is able to strategically propose improvements and recommendations to ensure your cabling stands the test of time.


DC Plus offers structured cabling installation, network wiring services, and data cabling services to companies in the Hopkinsville, KY area. Our team of professionals can provide your company with the best data, applied experience, and insights to design a sound cabling infrastructure.


Structured cabling or data cabling refers to the various types of cabling and network wiring used in commercial and residential applications. This encompasses a wide range of copper cabling such as unshielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair, coaxial, fiber optic and low-voltage cabling that is used for security and fire alarm systems.

Each of these cabling systems is unique and has individual applications that work together in a facility’s overall design. In order to better manage structured cabling, organization into separate subsystems is recommended. Following a subsystem structure helps better inform and coordinate contractors and identify potential cabling issues.

These subsystems include:
• Entrance facilities
• Backbone cabling (Risers)
• Telecommunications/Equipment rooms (MDF/IDF)
• Horizontal cabling


Substandard cables and poor layout design can definitely ruin your business network infrastructure from a variety of angles. Think of it as a superhighway where tens of thousands of cars are traveling back and forth every second, only to notice that the superhighway was built with rotten wooden planks. A perfect formula for a network disaster.

Bad cable quality and design introduce many problems for your company’s network engineering teams. ‘Spaghetti’ cables can make installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting more difficult and time consuming to resolve.
DC Plus can provide many routes to assist your company in simplifying its current data center cable management, or planning the data cabling for a new location.

For over 20 years DC Plus has been delivering network wiring projects across a variety of verticals. We have been trusted to install cables from simple straight-through to complex multi-mode projects for large enterprises with multiple locations. Our team can help your business untangle a dated or poorly planned cabling infrastructure installation. Proper data cabling is often overlooked but is vital to the long-term success of your technology infrastructure. Contact us today to discuss your structured cabling needs.