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Our IT relocation services can help your business plan & execute this challenging task with many moving parts.

An office or business IT relocation should be complete and have all systems up and running within a day or two of execution. This speed lessens the business idle time and allows your team to focus more on the company’s core functions. Moving your office network isn’t just about packing and unpacking. A fast IT relocation may only be achieved if you have a comprehensive plan in place for the moving process plus, the necessary preparations like telecom, electrical, and cabling, that allow you to plug and play in the new building.

Here at DCPlus, we can handle the entirety of your network office moving needs! We are a local IT relocation company providing support with network office moves and other IT relocation services in the Louisville, KY area. If your organization has an upcoming office move, connect with our IT relocation services consultants to properly plan & execute your technology move!

Your trusted IT relocation company

We will arrange the planning, relocation, installation, and post-relocation testing of all your office applications and hardware. We understand the frustration and struggles involved with moving your operations and putting the business at a standstill for several days. We can schedule your relocation for an accommodating time and reduce the impact and IT relocation may have on your business to a minimum.

Superior IT Relocation Services & Help With Network Office Moves

We are committed to your business success, and we believe in the importance of your IT infrastructure. Our team knows how to handle, plan, and execute network office moves with minimal disruptions to business operations.

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