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What is network penetration testing (Pen Test)?

The best way to test network security is to attack it using the same tools and techniques a hacker uses.

Penetration testing is the systematic process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. This includes applications, systems, networks, mobile devices, and wireless networks. The main goal is to identify and fix these issues before a true hacker is privy to the opportunity.

We provide network penetration testing services to companies in Jeffersonville, IN area. DC Plus is a local preferred penetration testing company, available to help your company reach the security you need for compliance, stability, and efficiency.

DC Plus penetration testing approach

Our trained experts will attempt to penetrate your network by safely exploiting any possible vulnerabilities found. Our pen testers utilize and re-enact the same techniques and tools a real hacker would use, without the malicious intent, with your team in the know.

All testing will follow the industry-standard process of The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual which includes:

Network Layer Test – a blind pen test of your external/ public IP addresses

External/ Web Application Test – can be carried out on a variety of applications such as company website, intranet, virtualization or company hosted sites

Internal infrastructure Test – any company device is included as part of the internal test like servers, desktops, laptops, Wi-FI networks, and mobile devices

Application Vulnerability Test – application penetration testing key outcome is to identify security weaknesses across the entire web application and its components (source code, database, back-end network)

DC Plus provides a range of different security services, from web and mobile application testing to internal network or external infrastructure testing to a review of elements within your company’s network, such as computer systems, networks, and mobile devices. We can help your team identify gaps in your security, primarily through employing a proper pen test.

Contact out team today to learn more about our network penetration testing services! The security your business needs is just a phone call away.